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Under the Official United States Standards for Grain, Soft White wheat is divided into the following three subclasses: Soft White, White Club, and Western White. White Club wheat contains not more than 10% of other soft white wheats. Some customers specify varying levels of the soft white wheat and white club wheat blend to take advantage of club wheat’s weaker gluten characteristics for sponge cake and other confections.

For the Miller

SW delivers excellent results. Arriving at the mill with an average moisture of less than 10%, an average test weight of more than 80 hectoliter mass and a low quantity of screenings, SW wheat provides the millers every opportunity for high flour extraction.

For the Baker

Low moisture content creates an advantage by increasing added water volume while optimizing water absorption and product quality to the consumer. The finer particle size may increase the rate of water absorption, decreasing mix time and improving production efficiencies. With the fine particle size and starch characteristics, SW flour creates a unique and tender texture for many end-products.

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